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Welcome To My Kelisa WebPage


only in malaysia mah





only in malaysia mah


††††††† Welcome to my web page.Just an expression of my interest in AROWANA a.k.a Kelisa. My father used to have SuperRed Arowana and Malaysian Gold arowana. And he also love camera. What a coincident I also love the arowana and photography.P.S Better be careful with what you are doing coz your kids might follow your foot steps.

There so many kinds of AROWANA such as;

i.                    Super Red Arowana

ii.                  Yellow Tail Arowana

iii.                Red Tail Gold Arowana (RTG)

iv.                 Malaysian Gold

v.                   Green Arowana

vi.                 Arapaima

vii.               Silver Arowana

viii.             Jardini

MyBiodata:Sayni Yus

Profession: Engineer

Hobbies: Photography,Reading & arowana




house of arowana

Bukit Merah Aro

Arowana Asia


†††††† This is my Red Tail Gold (RTG) arowana, coming from King Kong breeder located in Malacca. I bought this RTG for RM800. This is my most stunning piece of arowana.This RTG really loves eating, where it can eat 15-20 crickets at a time. Iím really enjoyed feeding this guy.


†††††††† Looking forward for Malaysian Gold Blue Base arowana. This type of arowana is so beautiful with a golden scale and bluish base color. It is coming from Bukit Merah in Perak. I need to fork out few thousands from my pocket, not only for the fish butalso a new tank sets.

My Red Tail Gold



To get a FREE ebook about AROWANA. Email me by click the image below.

††††††††† This is a yellow tail arowana.I bought it as a trial for me to keep arowana. Where I learn how to manage the water quality and also learn do and donít about arowana.


†††††††††† I have left this YellowTail alone with minimum small fishes as a feeder in the aquarium without other additional food for a week because I went back to my home town for holiday. The additional thing I put into the water is the holiday food block which is slowly diluted in the water. Jeng! Jeng! It is still alive and active after a week.


††††††††† Rules: Donít put too many small fish in the aquarium when you are a way from home for few days. Because it might cause a very huge problem where small fishes which is died and not eaten by your arowana will stick at the nozzle of your filter system. Then causing the water quality to be bad and the oxygen levels also slowly goes down. Your arowana will R.I.P because of this kind of reckless.


†††††††† This is a young BanjarRed, it is coming from Wan Hu farm. It is still in a plastic bag when I saw it at the pet shop in USJ. It is a challenge for me to snap a photo for this young Banjar Red. I tried to feed this young fellow with some pallet by putting it into crickets. Which is almost kills this young fellow because of chocking. Please donít do that to your arowana. Letís feed whatever it is love to eat. If you want to feed it with pallet, just give it without cheating.


†††††† This is the same BanjarRed. After the chocking incident it is become a picky guy. Only eat when really hungry but only for 5-8 crickets at a time or 2-3 market prawn. I also feed it with SuperWorm when it is >1 foot long. This BanjarRed died after more than 2 years with me.


††††††††† For any comments or question regarding arowana, please send me email:


My Yellow Tail Arowana




MyBanjarRed (baby)



My BanjarRed R.I.P